1993 photo

pdfClant 1993 Conference Program

pdf1993 – List of Papers presented

Algie, Grant
pdfCase flow management in Criminal Law

Aughterson, Ned
pdfThe Extradition Treaty between the Republic of Indonesia & Australia

Blokland, J & Flynn M
pdfCriminal Law after Mabo

Braddock A. G.
pdfRe-inventing rape: a consideration of the WA & NT criminal codes of sexual offences

Brennan, Frank Fr (SJ)
pdfThe Implications for Australia of Mabo v Queensland

Carter, Martin
pdfThe Queen v Connell & Others – A Case Note

Deland, Cathy (SM)
pdfLicence Disqualification & the Drunk Driver

Fitzpatrick, Daniel
pdfIndonesian Criminal Procedure Indonesian

Howard, Damien
pdfCrime & communication: Aboriginal hearing loss & criminal law

Jefferson, Graham
pdfDivision 6A Police Administration Act: does integrity in questioning still exist in the Territory

Lawrence, John
pdfAboriginal people: out of mind out of sight

McCormack, Bruce
pdfCriminal justice system on Groote Eylandt in 1993

McCrudden, Rory
pdfHuman Rights and the Bar

Manzie, Daryl
pdfTowards 2000: criminal law issues

Martin, B F (Hon Chief Justice)
pdfTuckiar Revisited Workshop

Mildren, Dean J (Hon Justice)
pdfProposals for Sentencing reform in the Northern Territory

Mulqueeny, Kerry E
pdfCriminal responsibility in the NT: begining of wisdom or roots of confusion?

Opie, Hayden
pdfSport and the Criminal Law (Work in Progress)

Stubbs, Will
pdfYolgnu and Balanda: a just result or a result justly

Tippett, JCA
pdfA case for the Jury

Whiting, TA
pdfLegal Aid and the Politics of Administration

Zdenkowski, George
pdfDefending the indigent accused in serious criminal cases

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