2019: True Crime NT – Murder et al

Poster and fabric design: Chips Mackinolty

Eve Ash, An update on Undercurrent: After 10 years in jail there is a turning tide in the Sue Neill-Fraser case  Author bio

Andrew Boe, Appearing in your first murder trial – temporary madness or mere delusion?

Gabriel Chipkin, Strands in a cable: DNA reliance in circumstantial cases    PowerPoint

Manny Conditsis, “INVOLUNTARINESS: R v Dean Waters – a Case Study”

Suzan Cox QC and Russell Goldflam, The Killing of Quinton Webb: From Huckitta to Hatton and back again

Craig Dunlop, Searching for Errol Morris – true crime journalism in the NT    Author bio

Kirsten Edwards with Emma Sullivan and James Herrington, “Teacher’s Pet in the real world – evidence and tendency developments: Law v Podcast

Elanor Fenge and Taranjeet Thandi, All Roads Lead to Alice (via Tennant) PowerPoint

George Georgiou J, From a Nagging Doubt   Author bio

Felicity Graham, The Nauru 19 and the importance of pro bono   PowerPoint   Author bio

Graham Hiley J, Trial by peers? Aboriginality or lack thereof on NT juries   PowerPoint

Dean Mildren AJ, The Trial of Bradley John Murdoch

Simon Moodie, A ‘reprehensible’ example of conflict of interest?

Trevor Moses, Special laws for murderers: parole, Kable and Twitter   Author bio

Julian Murphy, Murder, Mercy and Mandatory Sentencing: The “Anomalous” Case of Zak Grieve PowerPoint   Author bio

Clement Ng, Applying the Doli Incapax Principle in the Northern Territory: the Implications and the Way Forward?

Rory Pettit, “Should police Need a Warrant to Search Mobile Phones? A Changing Dynamic” PowerPoint

Rex Wild, “The Mistrial of Marie Antoinette, Paris, 1793” Introduction Script

Stephanie Zillman and Paul Morgan and Amy Williams, “What happened in Larrimah? The mysterious disappearance of Paddy Moriarty – a behind the scenes look at the making of a podcast”

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