2005 Conference: TRIAL & ERROR: Safety, Liberty or Terror

2005 trial and error poster

Poster: Therese Ritchie

2005 trial and error poster2

Poster: Therese Ritchie

2005 Conference Program

Blokland, Jenny (SM)
Territory Trials in Alternative Sentencing Models, the Credit Court (NT) and Community Orders

Boulten, Phillip
Australian Terror Laws in Action

Carter, Lachlan
Sentencing Children: some issues of Principle

Edney, Richard
Models of understanding Criminal Behaviour & the Sentencing Process – A Place for Criminological theory

Edwards, Kirsten
Don’t plead guilty yet: a practical science-free checklist to consider before you enter a plea in a DNA cold hit case

Grace, David (QC)
The Admissibility of Inculpatory & Exculpatory Statements

Lasry, Lex (QC)
US v David Hicks – Report of the Independent Legal Observer for the Law Council of Australia (Sept 2004)

McDonald, Colin (QC)
The republic is ours: the Indonesian response to the so-called war against Terrorism

Mildren, D (Justice)
Habeas Corpus and detention under the Migration Act 1958 and the Crimes Act 1914

Oliver, Sue & Fairall, Paul (Prof)
Finding Fault: Reform of the NT Criminal Code (Finding fault: Reform of the NT)

Percy, Tom (QC) & Papamatheos, AJ
Prisoner transfers law in Australia

Ross, David (QC)
Evidence of uncharged criminal acts

Rozencwajg, Charles (Magistrate)
Intervention or interference: descending into the arena

Tippett, Jon (QC)
Proper Assessment of Evidence and Political Interference in the Fact Finding Exercise – R v Chamberlain

Wild, Rex (QC) & Barnett, Anne
Managing the media in the criminl justice system: a case study