Media Statements and Interviews

Lawyers warn of COVID jail ‘crisis’ (NT News) 4 February 2022

A Matter of Public Safety (NT News) 5 September 2021

“The worst kind of mandatory sentencing”  (ABC Radio National) 28 July 2021

‘Eulogy’ for Youth Justice (NT News) 7 May 2021

No bail in NT for Indigenous youth   (The Wire) 20 April 2021

Darwin Correctional Centre ceiling fans removed from cells after two prisoner deaths (ABC) 17 March 2021

New domestic violence laws may criminalise coercive control in the Northern Territory (ABC) 12 February 2021

The Time for Change is Now (NT News) 9 December 2020

Fresh Hope for Criminal Justice (NT News) 9 November 2020

‘Censorship at its worst’: Barrister’s criticism of the NT legal system rebuked (NT Independent) 2 November 2020

Crime in Alice Springs will be a key issue in the NT election. How do parties plan to tackle it? (ABC) 18 August 2020

NT Labor fails to implement mandatory sentencing reform (ABC PM) 16 June 2020

Call for ‘urgent’ COVID-19 law reform system (NT News) 6 April 2020

No quick fix for curse of kid crime (Sunday Territorian) 8 March 2020

NT Chief Judge Elizabeth Morris finalises investigation into complaint against judge Greg Borchers (ABC) 11 December 2019

Communities ‘neglected or ignored for decades’ as justice unit tackles Indigenous incarceration (ABC) 25 July 2019

Lawyers lodge complaint about NT judge after ‘Indigenous child abandoning’ comments  (Guardian Australia) 25 July 2019

‘System is broken’: all children in NT detention are Aboriginal, officials say (Guardian Australia) 31 May 2019

Scare campaign will make innocent people victims (NT News) 20 May 2019

NT to pass new youth justice laws that contradict Don Dale findings (Guardian Australia) 21 March 2019

Mentally ill and disabled people held in Territory prisons for years without a sentence (ABC) 10 February 2019

Inmates Bake in Record Temps  (NT News) 25 January 2019

Northern Territory Police face race issues with new officer training for ‘unconscious bias’ (ABC) 29 November 2018

Don Dale detainees in watch house with no timeframe in place (ABC PM) 8 November 2018

The NT’s youth justice system is back in the spotlight (ABC 18 July 2018)

Northern Territory Police conceal ‘use-of-force’ rules from public (ABC 3 July 2018)

NT man wrongly accused of rape of a two year old girl demands police apology (ABC 21 June 2018)

Assistant Minister says NT Government may move to decriminalise drugs (ABC The World Today) 18 April 2018

Rate of Indigenous incarceration now highest in the world (ABC PM) 28 March 2018

NT’s mandatory sentencing laws blamed for disparity between number of indigenous people locked up compared with rest of Australia (NT News) March 2018

NT Police interviewing suspects with disability without guardians present, say legal advocates (ABC) 13 February 2018

NT Criminal Lawyers Association calls for greater judicial oversight (ABC) 25 January 2018

NT justice advocate bestowed human rights award (Lawyers Weekly) 5 January 2018

Victoria should look to NT for youth crime management: NT Chief Minster (ABC PM) 3 January 2018

Northern Territory Police could face negligence, battery claims after pepper spraying, lawyer says (ABC) 19 December 2017

Northern Territory justice criticises five-month wait for mental health assessment report (ABC) 15 December 2017

On youth prisons: grandmothers, reformers, revolutionaries (Alice Springs News) 6 October 2017

Hopes resting on royal commission to recommend raising age of criminal responsibility (ABC) 25 September 2017

Mandatory sentencing ‘albatross’ (The Weekend Australian) 26 August 2017

Zak Grieve: Indigenous people under-represented on juries, lack faith in legal system, lawyer says (ABC) 25 August 2017

Separate NT women’s prisons needed to address ‘appalling’ conditions (ABC PM) 10 March 2017

NT Royal Commission told government vitriol created environment for abuse (ABC PM) 14 December 2016

NSW may increase pressure on killers to reveal location of bodies (ABC The World Today) 17 October 2016

Royal Commssion into Youth Detention (ABC Lateline) 12 October 2016

The right to drink? Wrong (drinktank) 13 September 2016

Territory Youth: CLANT Welcomes a Royal Commission  27 July 2016

NT Govt seeks stricter bail rules for repeat property offenders 24 May 2016

NT murder sentencing laws the most severe in Australia 18 January 2016

Daniel’s Law: Concerns raised over impact proposed NT public sex offender registry will have for victims (ABC) 24 November 2015

Ten reasons the NT’s “Daniel’s Law” will be bad for sexual assault victims (The Northern Myth) 12 November 2015

The Paperless Arrest Mess  (The Centralian Advocate) 4 September 2015

Northern Territory Attorney-General John Elferink to persist with online sex offenders register despite southern states blocking NT from register 28 May 2015

Overseas Conferences: To go or not to go? [2015] (Autumn) Bar News 5

Cyclone John: Police Commissioner’s trail of destruction 9 March 2015

Full-blown independent inquiry into former police commissioner John McRoberts needed to satisfy public 31 January 2015

Adam Giles should order fully independent probe into John McRoberts 21 January 2015

New ‘paperless arrest’ laws in NT under attack 27 November 2014

NT Government seeks to make bail harder for domestic violence offenders 23 November 2014

Northern Territory to launch online public sex offender register named after Daniel Morcombe 15 October 2014

Juries in Alice Springs 7 October 2014

Justice or just us? Lack of Aboriginal jurors sparks concerns 2 May 2014

NT’s new prison expected to open at capacity 31 January 2014

One punch legislation is “political” says NT criminal lawyer 22 January 2014

Tribunal faces challenge from woman ordered into compulsory alcohol rehabilitation 10 January 2014

NT gets its first taste of new grog laws  29 July 2013

Grog rehab ‘candidates’ kept in dark on rights 16 July 2013

Draft grog rehab laws take turn to lighter brew 14 June 2013

Address to Grog Crisis Rally, Alice Springs  13 May 2013

Claims NT sex offender laws are flawed 27 March 2013

Mandatory sentencing regime draws more flak 15 February 2013

Forensic delays delays blamed for tardy justice 18 January 2013

Grog policy going backwards 1 January 2013

Mandatory Sentencing Causes Gross Injustice 15 November 2012

Briscoe Inquest October 2012

Indefinite Detention for Sex Offenders September 2012

One Punch Homicide August 2012

Recriminalising Drunkenness August 2012

Derailing the Criminal Lawyers’ Gravy Train August 2012

Mandatory Sentencing July 2012

Murder Sentencing Laws July 2012

Media Reporting on Criminal Matters June 2012

Alternatives to Imprisonment for Mentally Impaired June 2012

Prisons Overcrowding April 2012

Police Response to Deaths in Custody April 2012

Alcohol Supply Measures November 2011

White Ribbon Day November 2011