2021 Conference: I Can’t Believe it’s Not Bali – Lockdowns and Lockups

CLANT is excited to announce that our 18th Biennial Bali Conference is going ahead… in Darwin, at a venue and on a date to be fixed, in mid-2021.  We are now calling for papers, and particularly those that address our conference theme:

The 2021 CLANT conference coincides with both a global pandemic that has seen an immediate reimagining around the practice and procedures of criminal law both home and abroad; and  importantly it also coincides with the 30th Anniversary of the final report of the Royal Commission into Aboriginal Deaths in Custody. It took about 30 days for the pandemic to create real change in the processes surrounding the manner we practice criminal law, yet in 30 years we have seen little change or any meaningful improvement in access to justice for First Nations people. This conference looks to focus on what we can do to improve the criminal justice system, starting by looking in our own backyard.

If you have a paper in mind, please let us know.

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