2001 Conference: The Criminal Justice System – serving the community, or giving it a serve?


Poster: Chips Mackinolty

2001 Conference Program

Ackland, Richard
Adventures of a reptile on the justice beat

Angel, Anita
Art of the insider: Northern Territory gaol art in the late nineteenth century & since

Borick, Kevin (QC)
Learned helpfulness: a new approach to legal education

Condon, Julie
Do not pass go, do not pay $200, go directly to jail: a review of the recommendations of the Royal Commission into Aboriginal Deaths in Custody in the NT 10 years on

Dalrymple, David
Forensic DNA evidence recent cases, recurring issues

Doyle, John (Chief Justice)
Criminal justice: serving the community or giving the community a serve

Eckhoff, Carmen
DNA and the courts: an immiscible solution

Fullerton Elizabeth
The global criminal: who is it?

Hunyor, Jonathan
Don’t jail the ferryman: the sentencing of Indonesian people movers

Kelly, Elizabeth
The law making process

Morgan-Payler, Bill (QC)
What’s it to do with you: the victim in the criminal justice system

Riley, Trevor (Justice)
Ethics and the Criminal Defence Lawyer

Selway, Brad (QC)
Unfairness: exclusion of evidence on discretionary grounds

Weinberg, Mark (Justice)
The Independence of the judiciary and the criminal justice System

Wild, Rex (QC) and Richard Coates
A Lifetime for a Life: Mandatory life imprisonment for murder

Ben Clarke
Ethical dilemmas

Walton, Lester (Dr)
Nuts, Dolts, Drugs, Thugs, Kinks & Shrinks – Zen and the Art of Trickcyclist Maintenance: how to select and qualify a forensic psychiatric expert