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CLANT Members Bulletin

The Committee have some important announcements arising from events this year, and some important business to attend to in the months ahead. You can read the  CLANT members bulletin – June 2023 here. 

New President and heartfelt thanks

Following the casual vacancy left by Chrissy McConnel, a new president was elected at the CLANT AGM on 28 November 2022. Shane McMaster will preside over CLANT for at least the next twelve months, with Clancy Dane joining James Stuchbery as vice presidents. Christina White also joins the Committee as an ordinary member.

On behalf of the membership, CLANT committee gives our heartfelt thanks to Chrissy’s tremendous direction, ably steering us through the 2022 CLANT Conference along with leading the Committee’s efforts to improve the criminal justice system in the Northern Territory.

A Wrap on the CLANT “not Bali” Conference 2022

The CLANT Committee thanks everyone for their attendance at our recent 18th Biennial Conference in (not so sunny) Darwin.  Whether you joined us as a presenter, creative contributor or observer, your support of CLANT is appreciated and you are the reason that our conferences are so successful!

We look forward to seeing you again at the next conference in Bali (we hope).  Please ensure that your details remain current to avoid any risk of missing out any important announcements, once a decision has been made.

CLANT Conference SubCommittee

2022 Conference Subcommittee

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The Criminal Lawyers Association of the Northern Territory (CLANT) has some 170 members in the NT and throughout the country. Through our biennial conference – “the Bali Conference” – we have welcomed many hundreds more criminal lawyers from every jurisdiction in Australia to join us.  One of the key features of this website is CLANT’s archive of papers, presentations and play-readings given at our biennial conferences over the years.

For over 30 years, CLANT has been an effective and powerful voice for the improvement of the criminal justice system in the Northern Territory, representing both defence lawyers and prosecutors, practitioners from the public sector, the private profession and the independent bar.

In a jurisdiction where offending rates, incarceration rates and recidivism rates are higher, and growing faster, than anywhere else in Australia, there are enormous challenges for the criminal justice system.

The Criminal Lawyers Association of the Northern Territory is strongly committed to addressing these problems. Among our Objects and Purposes are:

  • to promote and advance the administration of the criminal justice system and development and improvement of criminal law throughout the Northern Territory
  •  to actively contribute in public debates in issues relating to the criminal justice system
  • to promote and encourage the protection of human rights and compliance with international human rights principles in the Northern Territory
  • to promote the professional discourse, development and social interaction amongst the profession

In pursuit of these Objects, CLANT is proud to promote and support a range of campaigns, programs and causes.


Membership is open to any person who either contributes to the field of criminal law or criminal jurisprudence, or who practices criminal law, in the Northern Territory of Australia.  Law students are eligible to be Associate Members. If you wish to become a member of CLANT and are eligible for membership, complete and return this form to committee@clant.org.au and pay the biennial membership fee, which is currently $20.  In addition, all persons who are eligible for membership and attend the biennial CLANT conference, thereby become members.


If you are interested in joining the CLANT Committee, please let us know.


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