2011 Conference: Extremes in Justice


Poster: Col Wicking

CLANT 2011 Conference Program

Armitage, Libby
Bad Luck and Manslaughter

Asche, Austin Hon (AC QC)
The effectiveness, or otherwise, of cross examination: the good, the bad, & the horrible

Bleechmore, Ralph
Australian Crime Commission: Saviour or Star Chamber: playing the ACC game: recent developments: a practical defence guide

Coates, Richard
Law and Disorder in Aboriginal Communities 2011

Cuneen, Chris
The Australian Prison Project and the growth in Indigenous Imprisonment (Power Point Presentation)

Dwyer, Peggy (Dr)
Anunga in the New Century: How our criminal courts are interpreting the rules 35 years after R v Anunga

Goldflam, Russell
The White Elephant in the Room: Juries, Jury Arrays & Race

Green, G & McDonough, L
Sailing Into Unchartered Waters: Human Rights & People Smugglers

Hunyor, J & Swift, M
A judge short of a full bench: mental impairment & fitness to plead in the NT criminal legal system

McCrimmon, Les (Professor)
The UEA and the Anunga Rules: accomodation or annihilation

Marich, Martine (Dr), Grace, David (QC) and Holt, Saul
Unshackled punishment – the DPP’s campaign for tougher sentences in Victoria 

Mildren, Dean (Justice)
Crown Appeals and Double Jeopardy

Okazaki, Ippei
Restorative Justice with the Ponki Mediators on the Tiwi Islands

Percy, Tom (QC)
Tougher Penalties: do they really work or is it time for a new approach

Peterson, Roland
The Defence of accident in Queensland: the one punch senario

Schwartz, Melanie
Old wine in a new bottle? Justice reinvestment and Indigenous over-imprisonment

Webb, Raelene (QC)
Judging the Judges: outside the Robing Room

Wild, Rex (QC)
Intervention, Interference or Invasion: The NT Emergency Response 4 Years On

NOTE: Glen Dooley was unable to to present. Rex Wild presented in his place.