Titus Ani

Titus Ani is a Nigerian national who has been on death row in Kerobokan Prison, Denpasar, Bali for over 8 years following his conviction on drugs charges.  A pro bono team of Australian lawyers, including CLANT’s Colin McDonald QC, is currently preparing his case for extraordinary judicial review in Indonesia’s Supreme Court, with the object of having his sentence commuted to a term of imprisonment.  Mr Ani’s legal team considers that his case has merit, with reasonable prospects of success.  In addition, it could set a precedent which would lead to the lives of many other similarly circumstanced condemned prisoners in Indonesia being saved.

CLANT has previously donated $10,000 to meet some of the expenses in this case, and on 5 November 2012, following consultation with Members, the CLANT Committee resolved to commit a further $20,000.  For further information, please read: