Chief Justice speaks out on alcohol

In October 2012 at Alice Springs, Riley CJ, while sentencing offenders convicted of serious alcohol-related offences, commented in each case on the need for effective alcohol measures.  These comments were made in the context of the abolition of the Banned Drinkers Register by the newly elected Northern Territory Government, and renewed debate about what to do about grog.  Here (with emphasis added) is what the Chief Justice said. In March 2013 at Alice Springs, in the course of sentencing Peter Delano Hudson (SCC 21237010), Riley CJ made the following further strong comments in a similar vein:

The courts have been speaking out for years requesting that the problem be addressed. One obvious step to be taken would be to limit the flow of alcohol to people such as yourself. Regrettably, based upon my experience in the courts, the situation is getting worse rather than improving. It is unfortunate and terribly sad, that genuine efforts to curb the flow of alcohol that could address the problems of those who suffer from abuse of alcohol are not pursued.

CLANT respectfully agrees.