Woody, you’re a legend!

CLANT enthusiastically joins the chorus acclaiming the announcement that CLANT member David Woodroffe has been named as the 2013 Indigenous Legal Professional of the Year.  Woody has worked tirelessly for Aboriginal Legal Services in both the Kimberley, and up and down the track in the Territory, for many years.  As NAAJA Chairperson Michael Petterson puts it, “He is truly an ALS legend”.

Sharman Stone MP presented the award on behalf of the Commonwealth Attorney-General at the Eighth National Indigenous Legal Conference/CAALAS 40th Birthday Ball.  This is what Dr Stone said:

The winner of this award was a standout nominee – he has demonstrated dedication to both championing the rights of indigenous Australians in a legal context and providing exceptional legal representation and advice over a long period of time.  He has demonstrated strong leadership in managing a busy criminal law practice, with a client-base spread across the top end and often in remote areas.  He is known for his commitment to ensuring that his clients receive the best possible legal representation. He has also demonstrated commitment to the ongoing professional development of his team members and himself.  He has shown rare dedication and commitment in a sector renowned for its considerable challenges.  I would like to warmly congratulate the 2013 National Indigenous Legal Professional of the Year, Mr David Woodroffe.