Sex offences & Restorative Justice Seminar

Practitioners are invited to attend a video screening at the Darwin Commonwealth Law Courts on 28 November 2013 at 4.00 pm of an AIJA Seminar on the potential for restorative justice alternatives to the criminal justice system for certain types of sexual assault cases – most notably historic/family cases and so-called “date gone wrong” cases, which frequently result in acquittals. The Panel in this Melbourne Q & A session moderated by Damien Carrick, presenter of ABC RN’s “The Law Report”, will feature legal experts including the Hon Justice Marcia Neave AO of the Victorian Court of Appeal.

At the 2011 AIJA criminal justice conference, Neave J presented an important paper on this topic, which was also addressed in this paper given by Huggett DCJ at the 2013 CLANT confernce.

For further details, including how to register to attend the Seminar, read this Notice.