Local Court appeals subs to be filed within 28 days

Chief Justice Michael Grant has requested that the following amendment to Practice Direction No. 4 of 2016 be drawn to the attention of CLANT members:

2A. With respect to appeals under the Local Court (Criminal Procedure) Act:

(i) The appellant must file and serve on the respondent the appellant’s summary of submissions not later than 28 days after filing the notice of appeal;

(ii) The respondent must file and serve on the appellant the respondent’s summary of submissions not later than 14 days after receiving the appellant’s summary of submissions.

Members will recall that previously, only 14 days was allowed within which appellants were required to serve submission summaries.

CLANT welcomes this amendment, which was made in response to representations from the profession to the Court.

CLANT members are requested to note that in relation to the amendment, the Chief Justice has observed:

The relevant requirement in the Practice Direction has, to date, been largely honoured in the breach.  The Court will enforce the new 28 day requirement.