CLANT AGM: 28 April 2017

CLANT members are hereby notified that in accordance with Clause 38(2) of the CLANT Inc. Constitution, the 2016 Annual General Meeting will be held at 5 pm on Friday 28 April 2017 at the offices of the Northern Territory Legal Aid Commission Main conference room – NT Legal Aid, Level 5, 9-11 Cavenagh Street, Darwin.

The particulars and order of business will be:

  1. Confirmation of Minutes CLANT AGM 6 November 2015
  2. Presentation of audited statement of accounts and auditor’s report for 2015/16
  3. Committee report of the Association’s activities for 2015/16

The CLANT 2015/16 Auditor’s Report, Audited Statement of Accounts and Committee Report are available for inspection by members here.  The CLANT Register of Members is available for inspection by members on request to the Secretary.

Sarah Gibbs


1. The forthcoming AGM is not a Biennial General Meeting at which the Committee retires and a new Committee is elected.  It is proposed to conduct the 2017 AGM in November 2017 for that purpose.

2. Clause 43(5) of the CLANT Constitution provides:

Proxy or postal voting is permitted with the ordinary member appointing in writing another ordinary member to be the proxy of the appointing member to attend a vote on behalf of the appointing member at any general meeting.

3. Refreshments will be provided, in the usual manner.

4. Building and lift access will be permitted until 5.55pm.  If you arrive after this time please call 89993041 and ask for Nicola or Russell.