Who wants an NT ICAC?

CLANT welcomes the publication of this Report by Justice Brian R Martin following his Inquiry into the establishment of a Northern Territory Anti-Corruption, Integrity and Misconduct Commission. 

On 7 July 2016, Chief Minister Giles was reported as saying that his government would consider the findings and recommendations of the Martin Inquiry.  However, on about 12 July 2016 Mr Giles stated that he considers that existing NT government agencies have sufficient powers to fight political corruption.  Noting that the CLP did not make a submission to the Inquiry, CLANT wonders whether the CLP will campaign at the forthcoming election for the establishment of an NT ICAC.

By contrast, Territory Labor did make a submission to the Martin Inquiry, and on 13 July 2016 Oppostion Leader Michael Gunner reiterated Territory Labor’s continued support for the establishment of an NT ICAC.

CLANT, which also supports the establishment of an ICAC for the NT, made this submission to the Martin Inquiry.