NT contributors to ALJ sought

A message from Acting Justice Dean Mildren:

For some time there has been criticism of the ALJ because it is said to be too focused on NSW. The ALJ has decided to remedy this by establishing State and Territory editors to provide local input on matters which would be of interest to a wider readership. I have accepted the position of the NT editor. The NT will be able to publish items of interest twice annually. The items could be anything from a full article (if the matter was sufficiently noteworthy) or could be a series of short pieces dealing with such matters as latest cases, changes to practice and procedure, personalia (eg latest judicial or magisterial appointments, latest silks etc), proposed bills etc etc. Obviously material having an international focus would also be very welcome, eg matters having an NT connection with East Timor, Indonesia or anywhere else.

I am looking for people who would be interested in being contributors. 
At the moment I cannot say when our time slots will become available except that the first slot will definitely be this year, and I would like to make our first offerings relatively soon.
If you wish to become a contributor, please contact CLANT, and we will forward your message to Dean Mildren (NT Editor, ALJ).