CLANT gongs Hunyor

From time to time, CLANT confers “The Gong” on one of its members. Past recipients have been Suzan Cox QC, Rex Wild QC, Jon Tippett QC and Russell Goldflam.  At the 2015 CLANT conference, The Gong was awarded to Jonathon Hunyor, Principal Legal Officer, North Australian Aboriginal Justice Agency.

The Gong comprises a framed copy of the striking passage with which Deane J comemnced his leading judgment in Donaldson v Broomby (1982) 60 FLR 124, signed by the author:

Arrest is the deprivation of freedom.  The ultimate instrument of arrest is force. The customary companions of arrest are ignominy and fear.  A police practice of arbitrary arrest is a hallmark of tyranny.

Jonathon Hunyor’s contribution to criminal law in the Northern Territory has been outstanding, particularly as a strategic litigator, both in court and behind the scenes, involving issues including, but not limited to:

  • Mandatory sentencing (including: The Queen v Duncan [2015] NTCCA 2 (junior to Georgiou SC); Dhamarrandji v Curtis [2014] NTSC 39; Orsto v Grotherr [2015] NTSC 18; Leo v The Queen [2014] NTCCA 8 (junior to Wyvill SC))
  • Part IIA Criminal Code Supervision Orders
  • Civil detention of serious sex offenders (Attorney-General of the Northern Territory v EE [2014] NTCA 1 (junior to Wild QC))
  • Challenge to the validity of the Alcohol Protection Orders Act 2013 (NT)  (including Nummar v Pennuto & Ors [2014] NTSC 34 (instructing Wyvill SC))
  • Challenge to the validity of the “Paperless arrests” provisions of the Police Administration Act (NT)

He has also published widely including:

Furthermore, he has shown outstanding leadership as a manager and advocate under exceptionally difficult circumstances as Principal Legal Officer of NAAJA.