Congratulations to the new Gunnerment! Now let’s Make Justice Work.

CLANT congratulates the Gunner team on its resounding electoral success.  CLANT is a member of the Making Justice Work coalition, which campaigned with six “Election Asks“:

  1. Aboriginal Justice Agreement
  2. Specialist and therapeutic courts
  3. Rehabilitation and reintegration
  4. Reduce the number of young people being locked up
  5. Abolish mandatory sentencing
  6. Comprehensive plan to deal with alcohol

Making Justice Work invited candidates to respond.  Here was Territory Labor’s commitment:

“Territory Labor broadly supports the Making Justice Work campaign. Labor supports the development of an Aboriginal Justice Agreement with our community. It complements our approach to social policy and social justice of investing in children and young people’s health, education and wellbeing, and investing in long term, place based solutions to complex social issues.”

CLANT looks forward to working with the new Northern Territory Government to implement these much-needed reforms.