Community calls for action on alcohol

APONT (Aboriginal Peak Organisations NT) has recently released the Central Australian Grog Summit report which calls on the government to listen to the community and the experts on alcohol.

The Grog Summit brought together over 100 people from Aboriginal communities and organisations across the NT and a number of experts with academic and community experience to discuss alcohol-related harm in the community. The participants agreed that alcohol policy should be based on evidence, and that strategies should be holistic and community driven. The Report presents the community participants’ and experts’ views, and outlines a comprehensive multi-pronged approach to dealing with alcohol-related harm in the community. 

Significantly, representatives of Aboriginal organisations and communities in attendance at the Grog Summit have also called for a joint Northern Territory government and Commonwealth government Board of Inquiry into Alcohol Consumption and Harm in the NT. A copy of the proposed terms of reference is available here.