Chief Minister v Bad Youth

On 17 May 2016, Northern Territory Chief Minister Adam Giles posted the following on his Facebook account.  Apparently, there is an election brewing…

Enough is enough.

We give rogue youth every chance, but they still break in to our homes, smash up our cars and cause trouble.
They commit crimes, then they get bail, they commit more crimes, then they use diversion and it goes on and on… but we still end up getting our houses broken in to and our cars smashed up, and everything else.
Despite strong police action, a very active minority continues to reoffend….
The Police are doing a great job, but the legislation is letting us down.
So, in Cabinet today we’re considering legislation that says no longer will bad youths be given the presumption of bail.
The reason we’re doing this – we hear what’s going on in your community.
We try and do the right thing by youth.
Nobody wants to see a kid in jail, but nobody wants to see our cars getting smashed up and our houses getting broken in to.

That’s it. Had enough.