2017 Conference: Justice on the Sniff of an Oily Rag

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Conference Program

Notes on Presenters; Abstracts of Presentations

Thalia Anthony

Melda Ariadno and Alistair Wyvill  "Responding to Illegal Foreign Fishing in Indonesian and Australian waters – a comparative analysis"

Priscilla Collins and Sam Bowden

David Dalrymple

Kathleen Daly and Elena Marchetti "Desistance and Indigenous Sentencing Court" paper powerpoint

David Davidson "Crown disclosure: best practice"

Jenna Dennison "COMMIT Programs and Parole Act amendments"

Natasha Fyles

Felicity Gerry and David Woodroffe

Judith Kelly "Criminal Advocacy from a Consumer Perspective - notes"

Jeanette Kerr  Paper  Powerpoint

Leanne Liddle

John Lowndes "Delivering justice in the lower courts on the sniff of an oily rag"

Wayne Martin (Keynote Speaker) "Unequal Justice for Indigenous Australians"

Dean Mildren "Patron's Introductory Remarks"

Beth Morrisroe

David Morters

Brendan Murray

Olav Nielssen

Simon Ower

David Parsons

Tom Percy

Rory Pettit

Charlie Rozencwayg "The Threat to Delivering Quality Justice in the Era of Modern Pragmatism"

Tracey Stevens "Reflections on the UNSW Jury Study on Jurors’ Notions of Justice and the Role of Narrative in the Criminal Trial"

Rex Wild  "[Un]Certain [Verbal] Admissions: the trials of John Bryan Kerr"    Introduction  Script


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