2013 Conference: Victims of the System

 14th-CLANT-Conference-poster Poster: Chips Mackinolty




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  • Registration: Lyn Wild
  • Registration: Dee Berkley
  • The venue: Rinjani Hall
  • Introduction: Russell Goldflam
  • Opening: John Elferink
  • Media: CLANT hits the headlines
  • Tech Guy: Clement Ng
  • Titus Ani: Colin McDonald
  • Titus Ani: Russell Thirgood
  • Titus Ani: Frans Hendra Winarta
  • Civil Commitment: Olav Nielssen
  • The Invisible Client: Mark O'Reilly
  • The Invisible Client: Madeleine Rowley
  • Crisis in Custody: Peggy Dwyer
  • The High Court: Stephen Odgers
  • 'People Smugglers': Dina Yehia
  • The Nauru 10: Jay Williams
  • Immigration Detainees: Mark Thomas
  • Genocide trials: Lyma Nguyen
  • Vulnerability, risk and justice: Howard Bath
  • Youth justice: Jared Sharp
  • Section 138: David Heilpern
  • In Zintan: Melinda Taylor
  • Judicial Bullying: Suzan Cox
  • Judicial Bullying: Suzan Cox
  • Lawyers as Victims: Chrissy McConnel
  • Lawyers as Victims: the panel
  • Emeritus dingoes: Rex Wild & Austin Asche
  • Paying attention
  • Justice Reinvestment: Melanie Schwartz
  • Jurisdictional Roundup: Jonathan Hunyor
  • Concluding remarks: Russell Goldflam (with Dingo, Sanur, Bali)

Dr Howard Bath
Vulnerability, Risk and Justice for Children and Young People in the Northern Territory

Jenny Blokland J
Unnecessary Suffering: Violence against Aboriginal women in the Northern Territory: A discussion of contemporary issues and possible ways forward

Suzan Cox QC
Judicial Bullying

David Heilpern SM
Section 138 Exclusion for Police Misconduct: Overtaken by “Execution of Duty”?

Sarah Huggett DCJ
Restorative Justice - Just for All?

Stephen Lawrence
Beyond Fernando

Tamzin Lee and Kelly Goodwin
’I want to drop those charges’ Aboriginal Women as victims of family violence

Dean Mildren RFD QC AC
Lawyers as Victims: a Romp through Literature and Politics

Lyma Nguyen
Representing Minority Victims in Genocide Trials (Paper)
Representing Minority Victims in Genocide Trials (Powerpoint)

Olav Nielssen
Problems with the Civil Commitmnt of Sex Offenders

Stephen Odgers SC (and Dr Mirko Bagaric)
The High Court on Crime (2011-2013)

Trevor Riley CJ
Victims of the System: a view from the Bench

Madeleine Rowley
The invisible client: people with cognitive impairments in the Northern Territory’s Court of Summary Jurisdiction

Melanie Schwartz and Chris Cunneen
A Cautious Approach to Justice Reinvestment

Jared Sharp
How can we bring culturally strengthening approaches into the NT Youth Justice System?

Sydney Tilmouth DCJ
The Wrong Direction - A case study and anatomy of successful Australian criminal appeals

Mark Thomas
Darwin Asylum Seeker Detainees

Megan Voller
Women as Victims: The Commonwealth’s practical responses to supporting victims of human trafficking participating in the Australian Criminal Justice System

Jay Williams
The Nauru 10: The Habeas Corpus Challenge

Dr Frans Hendra Winarta (and McCullough Robertson Lawyers)
(1)Titus Ani
(2)International Law and the Death Row Phenomenon

Dina Yehia SC
Mandatory Sentencing of "People Smugglers" - Politics or Justice?

The play-reading
The Murder in Gun Alley – The Wrongful Conviction of Colin Ross


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  • Lyn Wild: "Slave of the System"
  • John Nader presentation to Lyma Nguyen
  • Trevor Riley: "Victim of the Cistern"




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