1999 Conference: A Just New Century - or just a new century?

1999postersmall Poster: Chips Mackinolty

pdfConference Program 1999

Alkostar, Artidjo
pdfThe Fransisco Miranda Branco Case

Blokland, Jenny
pdfSeriously sexy criminal trial practice?

Bradley, Hugh (CM)
pdfTwelve Months in the Magistrates Court

Coates, Richard
pdfSeriously sexy criminal trial practice?

Flatman, G (QC) & Bagaric, M
pdfAccused Disclosure - measured response or abrogation of the presumption of innocence

Goldflam, Russell & Hunyor, Jonathon
pdfMandatory Sentencing & the concentration of powers

Grace, David (QC)
pdfThe High Court and Criminal Law: the last decade: a sign of things to come

Kirby, Michael (Justice)
pdfThe future of criminal law: some big issues

Lowndes, John(SM)
The Sentencing Act (NT) 1998 - Sentencing principles, purpose & orders
pdfPart One
pdfPart Two

Martin, Brian (Chief Justice)
pdfJustice for the courts

Mason, Anthony (Sir)
pdfCurrent issues in criminal law

McGregor, Alasdair
pdfMusings on the magistrates or clots in the system

Melasecca, Rob
pdfThe truly reclaimable drug offender

Mildren, Dean (Justice)
pdfDon't give me L.I.P.

Morris, J & Fitzgerald, T
pdfRestorative justice

Odgers, Stephen
pdfSentencing drug addicted offenders

Pallaras, Stephen
pdfThe Mickelberg Saga & the public purse

Parsons, Tony
pdfDealing with death: a theory of the bleeding obvious

Alkostar, Artijdjo
The Fransisco Miranda Branco Case & other trials under the subversion law

Flagman, Geoff (QC) & Bagaric, Mirko
Accused disclosure: measured response or abrogation of the presumption of innocence

Lowndes, John
Sentencing Act (NT) 1998 sentencing principles, purposes & orders








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