Tony Fitzgerald Memorial Lecture

23 June 2016

Northern Territory Library

Tony Fitzgerald

Tony Fitzgerald was a passionate advocate for human rights. He was born in Sydney and moved to Melbourne at 16 years of age. He studied and then practiced law before coming to Darwin in 1978 to work at the North Australian Aboriginal Legal Aid Service. He served as the Northern Territory's Anti-Discrimination Commissioner from 2002 until his untimely death from cancer in 2009.

Tony Fitzgerald had a vision that all Territorians could achieve community harmony if we could work together. He fought for equal opportunity employment that recognised and valued diversity. Tony was passionate about the need to promote a fair and just society that was free from racial discrimination and inequality.

Tony Fitzgerald was a loyal and long-standing member of CLANT, which is proud to present this series of biennial lectures in his honour.

Fourth Tony Fitzgerald Memorial Lecture: Justice Lex Lasry

The fourth Tony Fitzgerald Memorial Lecture was delivered on 23 June 2016 by Justice Lex Lasry of the Supreme Court of Victoria. Here is pdfthe text of Justice Lasry's lecture.


Third Tony Fitzgerald Memorial Lecture: Justice Virginia Bell

The third Tony Fitzgerald Memorial Lecture was delivered on 20 March 2014 by CLANT Patron Justice Virginia Bell of the High Court of Australia. Here is pdfthe text of Justice Bell's lecture.

BellFitzgerald.gifPoster: Chips Mackinolty

Second Tony Fitzgerald Memorial Lecture: Patrick Dodson

The second biennial Tony Fitzgerald Memorial Lecture was delivered by Patrick Dodson on 29 March 2012. Here is thepdffull text of Patrick Dodson's Lecture.

CLANT-Dodson-FitzgeraldPoster: Chips Mackinolty

Two substantial extracts from the Lecture, entitled Ending Constitutional Racism and Justice for a Land Apart, were published by the on-line journal New Matilda.

The entire Lecture was recorded and broadcast by ABC Radio National's program Big Ideas, and you can listen to it here.

First Tony Fitzgerald Memorial Lecture: Terry O'Gorman

The inaugural Tony Fitzgerald Memorial Lecture was delivered by Terry O'Gorman on 4 March 2010.

Here is pdfTerry O'Gorman's Lecture.

OGormanPoster: Chips Mackinolty

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