Annual General Meetings

2017 AGM


The 2017 CLANT Annual General Meeting will be held at 5 pm on 3 November 2017 at the offices of NAAJA, 61 Smith St, Darwin City.

As at 12 October 2017, nominations for positions on the incoming Committee have been received or indicated from the following:

  • President: Marty Aust, Tamzin Lee
  • Vice-President (up to three positions): NIL
  • Secretary/Public Officer: Sarah Gibbs
  • Treasurer: Nicola MacCarron
  • Committee Members (up to ten): Marty Aust, Louise Bennett, Anneke Brossard , Mary Chalmers, Stephen Karpeles, Tamzin Lee, Colin McDonald QC, David Morters, Lyma Nguyen, Shawanah Tasneem, James Stuchbery, Mark Thomas
  • Immediate Past President (ex offico): Russell Goldflam

Candidate statements

Marty Aust, General Counsel – Criminal Section, North Australian Aboriginal Justice Agency

Having been involved in some of the activities associated with the 30th anniversary celebrations at the CLANT Bali conference this year I am very much of the view that it is time for a fresh and enthusiastic committee to continue the great work of a predecessors. A committee that continues to progress the values of CLANT and one which can aspire to owning some part of instigating or assisting in relevant reform and considerations of matters requiring attention in the criminal jurisdiction. A committee that in the years to come can look back with pride and celebrate our efforts and reflect on the impact we made.

I know that I do not have the same level of experience as many of the previous Presidents but I have a collaborative approach, a strong relationship with the senior bar and criminal law practitioners in the jurisdiction and I believe strong mutual respect from them. I am pragmatic but remain a strong advocate for restorative justice programs and support an accessible and fair justice system for our most vulnerable participants.

I am currently a councillor on the Northern Territory Law Society and have been a CLANT committee member for the last two years. I have much to contribute and have committed significant time and energy to both my work as General Counsel at NAAJA but also as a committee member on CLANT, the 2017 Bali planning sub-committee, the NT Law Society Council and numerous Law Week events. I have been involved in the drafting of a number of submissions for CLANT, in particular regarding policy shift resulting in the non-repatriation of prisoners upon release from prison and associated issues including homelessness and recidivism. I am a member of the Law Society CPD sub-committee and currently volunteer my time as a sitting member on the judiciary of the NTFL.

I am acutely aware of the day to day challenges involved in the practice of the criminal law in the Northern Territory. I have enjoyed the opportunity to work as a prosecutor in both the summary and Crown divisions of the DPP prior to moving to defence work. I have appeared as counsel in courts throughout central and northern Australia including almost every single remote circuit court that sits in the Territory from Hermannsburg to Galiwinku.  I have run trials in the Supreme Court in both Alice Springs and Darwin and now regularly appear as counsel in the Court of Criminal Appeal. I have built lasting relationships with stakeholders including Corrections, Aboriginal Interpreter Service, Police, the Court and amongst practitioners on either side of the bar table.

I would very much appreciate your support for my candidacy.



Tamzin Lee, Barrister, William Forster Chambers

I have nominated for CLANT president, and I ask for your support.

Whether we prosecute, defend or influence policy, ultimately, we are criminal lawyers because we believe in justice and humanity.

Through CLANT, we question the system, we hold it accountable and we advocate for change. I have nominated for president to continue that tradition.

As a member of the bar, I am independent. I work across the Territory for both prosecution and defence. I also work in areas often associated with the criminal justice system, including Care and Protection, Mental Health, Family Violence, and I appeared at the Royal Commission. My background has helped me to understand the most significant issues that affect our clients, our communities and our membership. As CLANT president, I would listen to and learn from the combined knowledge of our members and advocate on your behalf.

What we do here in the Northern Territory is unique and significant. For these reasons, CLANT must continue to be a staunch advocate for a fairer, better system, which recognises the unique conditions of this place and protects those who are most affected by it.

So, please vote for me.


Special Resolutions

The following Special Resolutions will be tabled for decision by the AGM:

  1. That the CLANT Inc. Constitution be altered by amending the current cl 8(1) as follows:

The Association may alter this Constitution by special resolution under clause 39, but not otherwise.

 2. That the CLANT Inc. Constitution be altered by amending the current cl 33 by adding the following subclauses:

 (1A)   The committee are to be regarded as present together at a meeting when in communication by telephone or other means of audio or audio-visual communication and when each of the committee members participating in the communication is able to read the written contributions and hear each of the other participating members.

(4) An issue arising outside of a Committee meeting may be decided by written resolution approved by electronic communication and is taken to be a decision of the committee passed at a meeting of the committee members, if:

    a. The President (or, if the President is unavailable, a Vice-President) considers that an issue is of sufficient urgency and seriousness to justify making a decision outside of a Committee meeting;

    b. he/she notifies all Committee members by electronic communication of the issue and draft resolution(s);

    c. he/she allows Committee members reasonable time and not less than 24 hours within which to respond;

    d. at least four Committee members respond by electronic communication; and

    e. a majority of responding Committee members (including the person presiding over the vote) vote by electronic communication in favour of a resolution.

    (5) A question arising at a Committee meeting may by resolution of the meeting be decided in the same manner referred to in subclause 33(4)(b), (c), (d) and (e).

    (6) The Secretary shall keep a record of any decision made pursuant to subclause 33(4) or (5).



Members of the Association’s Management Committee (“the committee”) usually meet monthly in Darwin to discuss and pass resolutions on numerous matters of Association business. 

Committee members located outside of Darwin usually attend such meetings by telephone. 

Between meetings when issues arise, or issues raised but not resolved at a meeting require further discussion - members communicate via email.  Often additional information is provided to committee members using email and these discussions allow members to reflect and respond in their own time.  Discussion via this method is often fruitful. 

From time to time it would be   for the committee to finalise such discussions in between meetings, by passing resolutions (making a formal decision) via email. The ability to make committee decisions via email is also useful in urgent cases. 

The current committee are of the view that the Constitution needs to be updated to reflect a more modern way of doing business, including allowing for decision making via email in appropriate circumstances.



2016 AGM

The 2016 CLANT Annual General Meeting was held on 28 April 2017.

2015 AGM

The 2015 CLANT Annual General Meeting, including the election of the 2016-17 Committee, was held on 6 November 2015.

2014 AGM

The 2014 CLANT Annual General Meeting was held on 19 November 2014.

The assets and income of the Association shall be applied solely in furtherance of its above-mentioned objects and no portion shall be distributed directly or indirectly to the members of the Association except as bona fide compensation for services rendered or expenses incurred on behalf of the Association. 

2011/12 and 2012/13 AGMs

The 2011/12 and 2012/13 CLANT Annual General Meetings, including the election of the 2013-15 Committee, were held on 23 August 2013.

2010/11 AGM




























































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